The internationally renowned American Jazz Singer Louis Armstrong was appearing at Batley Variety Club in West Yorkshire in 1968 when his famous hit ‘Wonderful World’ reached number one.

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His vision, our responsibility

As Louis sung ‘Wonderful World’ to his Yorkshire audience; he was presenting us with a bright vision of hope. That brightness has faded over the intervening decades as a result of an over centralised and weak system of government. We want it back but first face a huge learning curve and need a leg up from as many as possible from both inside and outside the region to succeed.

All we want is the freedom and opportunity to build our own version of a “Wonderful World” here in Yorkshire.

An inclusive Yorkshire

A Yorkshire where our communities are allowed to be creative, are enterprising, compassionate, participatory, socially just, culturally diverse, value the regions wildlife, ecologically wise, and spiritually satisfying – with no one left behind to struggle.

In short, a vibrant democracy, inclusive society, and ecological civilisation.

Politically autonomous

Our aim is for a politically autonomous Yorkshire with its own powers and responsibilities to shape the region’s version of a wonderful world. One that will eventually be part of a modern system of federal government nationwide.

This will not happen however, unless we make it happen, unless we take the responsibility of government upon our own shoulders.

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